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Event Marketers’ Power Tools: TikTok, Reels, YouTube

Short-form video is wildly popular and not difficult to produce—provided the event host has a plan for content creation and a timely strategy for pushing it out.

Last year was a watershed for short-form video, and especially for videos less than four minutes in length—perfect for event marketers who want to deliver maximum impact before interest in a piece of content fades among potential attendees and exhibitors.

To wit: While 60 percent of all videos on the internet are less than two minutes in length, in 2023 there was a 53 percent increase in the number of business videos that are two minutes to four minutes in length, according to a study by Vidyard. One reason for this: About half of viewers will tune in for the entirety of such a video.

To build out a series of videos that are short but chock full of information that will hold the attention of your audience, create a plan well in advance of the event to deliver videos with varied topics and perspectives. This article from Trade Show News Network, a fellow Informa media outlet, discusses how far in advance event hosts should strategize their video content.

In addition, this article from Opus Agency, a marketing and brand-experience consultancy, provides a lengthy roster of topics that event marketers can cover in short-form videos to not only present the different elements and various benefits of the event, but also to encourage early registration, pre-event networking, and other desired attendee behaviors.

Lastly, this article from marketing veteran Neal Schaffer discusses other topics that event hosts can cover, while also noting the differences between viewers’ expectations across different social-media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, as well as in the email campaigns sent by the host.

One incentive to figure out how to create good content for marketing your events: More than 1 billion short-form videos are viewed every day—on TikTok alone.

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