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Event-Management Platforms Have A.I. Doing More for Planners, Attendees

For both meeting hosts and participants, A.I.’s ability to quickly scan and analyze lots of data is bringing benefit in several areas.

Two technology suppliers recently incorporated A.I. features into their event-management platforms to enhance the attendee’s experience and the host’s results.

In mid-April, the convention division of marketing and engagement firm MCI USA rolled out upgrades to its OneSystem Plus event-management platform, that use artificial intelligence to aid both event-planning teams and their attendees.

On the planning side, the system now uses A.I. to analyze data and then construct narratives to guide marketing and pre-event engagement strategies. And after an event, A.I. will be applied to attendee feedback, helping the host organization generate agenda and content possibilities for future events.

For attendee messaging and customer service in the OneSystem Plus, an A.I. assistant called Jade now handles email inquiries
as well as live chats, accessing all event-related data and content to better inform attendees before, during, and after a meeting. In addition, the application will analyze attendee data to deliver session and activity recommendations and build sample agendas that match each attendee’s profile and interests.

Capturing Interaction
In the virtual-events niche, platform provider StreamAlive has launched a generative A.I. feature that allows presenters to quickly understand their audiences. When a presenter inputs a presentation topic and audience type to the system, A.I. will generate a list of polls and open-ended questions the presenter can use as conversation starters that encourage attendee participation.

Then, audience interaction is captured and applied through StreamAlive's suite of visual tools such as Wonder Words for word clouds as well as Talking Tiles, which can record up to 80 seconds of speech from participants. These features are integrated with the chat function of Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, YouTube Live, and Twitch.

There are many generative A.I.-powered presentation makers that build or enhance decks, including the images and text needed to connect with an audience. This new tool enables presenters to use generative A.I. to handle a particularly challenging part of creating presentations: ideating relevant and interesting questions to ask the audience, and then visually acknowledging their responses,” said Lux Narayan, CEO of StreamAlive, in a release.

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