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Coming Soon: Event-Management Software with Strong A.I. Assistance

Eventcombo has partnered with a machine-learning institute to create a platform that handles both rote tasks and higher-level duties for planning meetings.

In early June, Eventcombo will begin beta testing the latest iteration of its event-management platform, created in partnership with the Alberta Machine Learning Institute to maximize the use of artificial intelligence across the range of duties associated with coordinating business events.

On the logistical side, the platform will feature improved tools for staff and task management with far less manual schedule coordination and data entry. It will also assist in developing effective marketing communications.

On the strategic side, Mehda Biswas, a spokesperson for Eventcombo, says that the platform will be able to automate higher-level tasks such as suggesting session topics of high interest to different segments of the target audience; identifying potential speakers; creating compelling program descriptions based on phrases found in online discussions and other content; and building recommended agendas for attendees based on past preferences as well as recent online activity. It will also conduct data-driven matchmaking between attendees and exhibitors/sponsors, and then predict attendee-engagement levels for educational sessions, networking events, and exhibit-hall experiences. During and after a meeting, the product will analyze attendee behavior and track event metrics in ways that benefit the organizer as well as exhibitors and sponsors.

When paired with on-site cameras, the program will be able to conduct facial recognition to both measure attendee sentiment and enhance event security while preserving attendees’ rights with informed consent, limited data usage, and anonymization.

“We are continuing to explore the potential of AI through our beta test partnerships to identify the most effective real-world applications,” says Biswas. After beta testing concludes, the Eventcombo product will likely be available to organizations sometime in Q3 2023.

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