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5 Questions to Help You (Finally) Start Delegating

Giving the right tasks to the right people—while giving them the right guidance along the way—can make planners more productive and less stressed.

The number of steps involved in creating a good meeting for attendees and for the host organization is somewhere in the hundreds. And if a planner is working on coordinating the details of more than one meeting at a time, the degree of complexity is likely overwhelming. As a result, the art of delegation is essential—and it is an art requiring a judicious, sometimes delicate approach.
This article from leadership consultant Naphtali Hoff will help you understand exactly what duties should be farmed out to others, and what type of guidance those associates should receive along the way so they become proficient and therefore able to continue taking on those tasks in the future. This will allow the planner to focus on what's most important for any particular meeting.
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