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Want to Go Hybrid? Here’s a Helpful Questionnaire

20 questions that can guide scientific-conference planners on choosing the hybrid-event format that works best for their audience and their organization’s needs.

Cadmore Media, a hybrid-event platform specifically for scientific meetings, has created a quiz to help organizers determine which hybrid format best matches their audience’s needs as well as the organization’s financial and other goals.

The quiz asks planners 20 questions that touch on the host’s overall event portfolio; event-staff size; the event’s budget plus attendee and exhibitor numbers; whether attendees are practitioners or academics; degree of engagement with early-career professionals; how posters are treated; attitudes about post-pandemic travel; and receptiveness to change.

“We could have asked many more questions, but these 20 address the issues that will have the most impact on whether a hybrid format is successful or not,” says Simon Inger, COO of Cadmore Media.

From there, the quiz recommends a hybrid format from among these six possibilities: livestreamed, concurrent (simultaneous but with some different sessions), truly hybrid (simultaneous and all the same sessions), in-person followed by online (also called “asynchronous”), alternate years, or ongoing/year-round.

“Aside from a general integration of the in-person and virtual formats, there is no one-size-fits-all type of hybrid event,” Inger notes.

Planners don’t have to submit contact information to view the recommendation for one of their events. But if they do so, a report will be sent that shows the percentage breakdown of responses to each question, allowing planners to benchmark against the views of other scientific-event organizers.

The quiz can be found here.

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