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Multi-Language Interpretation Tool Debuts for Interactive Meetings

Interprefy Now is geared towards sessions where conversations take place, such as ad boards and investigator meetings, rather than presentations.

With more international physicians participating in investigator meetings and advisory-board sessions run by life-science firms, clear and effective dialogue is a priority for event hosts.

And while many physicians are able to understand English well enough to sit through presentations at large conferences, investigator meetings and ad boards require conversation, making instant translation more necessary but less practical, especially if multiple languages are involved.

A recently released product from Interprefy, a provider of A.I.-generated translation for events, is built specifically for smaller meetings requiring interaction among all attendees. An app called Interprefy Now allows a meeting leader to use her phone to distribute a meeting-specific QR code to participants, who use that to access the app on their phones and select a language to listen and speak in during the meeting.

From there, one participant at a time presses a button on their phone screen to speak and presses it again when finished so that someone else can talk. Meanwhile, each participant listens to what was said in their own language through ear buds, while subtitles also appear on each participant’s screen.

Oddmund Braaten, the firm’s CEO, says that “Interprefy Now is designed for gatherings where all are expected to take part. It also works for guided tours, where feedback and discussion can take place; for coaching or training sessions; and even for carrying out on-site operations when teams are multinational,” such as at a large conference. In addition, glossaries for each language can be customized to enhance participant understanding.

As for commitment and cost, Interprefy Now requires a monthly subscription that is customizable by hours of use and number of languages used.

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