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Medical Societies Fight Attendee Scams

Imposters who pretend to be officlal housing partners—or the host organization—are getting better at tricking attendees out of their money. Here's how some medical associations minimize the threats from these "pirates."

As if medical-convention planners don't have enough do in the post-pandemic meetings environment, there is a menace that requires their attention more than ever before: registration and housing scammers. With the ability to buy their way to the top of keyword searches for their fake websites and to pilfer email lists of association members, these scammers siphon a lot of money from unsuspecting attendees trying to register and then secure hotel rooms for medical-association events.

This article from MedPage Today lays out the alarming breadth of the problem, with examples of scams affecting attendees of medical societies large and small. There's also good advice on protecting attendees, delivered by convention planners who are working hard to stay ahead of scammers who seem to always get better at deception.

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