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Life-Science Engagement and Insights Companies Form Alliance

Events specialist Array partners with Within3 to provide management of both meeting-based and year-round insights in one package.

Array, a content-engagement firm for life-science events, has partnered with Within3, the largest insights-management firm for life-science companies, to develop a comprehensive platform for collecting and analyzing data and sentiment from healthcare professionals, patients, and other pharmaceutical stakeholders.

The result will be “a real-time view of the market, integrating advisory board feedback, social listening, and field interactions, which are essential for medical and commercial strategies,”
according to a press release.

Cindy McVey, director of marketing for Array, gave this example of how the collaboration could work: A pharmaceutical client can use Within3’s asynchronous platform to gather information before an in-person advisory board meeting to refine the topics the advisors will discuss. That information can be used to hone the agenda to better address those challenges and work toward solutions. Using the Array platform, meeting leaders can engage attendees and gather insights to see which meeting goals were met and where knowledge gaps still exist, and then create follow-up meetings as well as asynchronous activities related to those gaps.

“We’ve observed the evolving market and realized our combined technologies fulfill a crucial need,” said Lance Hill, CEO of Within3. “The partnership allows for clearer, more effective engagement strategies and data-driven support, which aids complex decision-making.”

From Array’s perspective, “the partnership extends the value of meetings beyond the ballroom,” McVey said. “Rather than seeing meetings as one-off events where information is shared with attendees and one data set is generated, stakeholders can now conduct meaningful work before, during, and after a meeting with a more robust data set that tells a holistic story about the understanding, opinions, and insights of meeting participants.”

“The key is the ability to develop a linear process where education, training, marketing, and generation of insights are integral before, during, and after meetings,” she added.

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