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Keeping Nurses Engaged Between Events

A major medical-event planning firm started a weekly web-based radio show that allows diabetes specialist nurses to stay connected to content and to each other.

In early March, AIM Education, the healthcare-industry-focused division of international conference organizer AIM Group, debuted myRadio Nurse to broadcast fresh content each week to diabetes specialist nurses through a dedicated website. The project has non-conditional support from life-sciences firm Sanofi.

The goal of the project is to connect diabetes specialist nurses easily and more often between CME-accredited conferences so that they can share observations and experiences from their work. “At a time of great commitment and stress for nurses, we noticed their need for constant discussion beyond official training days,” said Alessandro Scattolin, managing director of AIM Education.

The website has begun airing and archiving the first few episodes of the initial 25-week run. Broadcast live each Thursday at 6 p.m. Italian time, the roughly 22-minute show focuses on topics such as complications management (diabetic foot, diabetic neuropathy, diabetes and sexuality, etc.), risk management and patient empowerment, remote patient training, legal issues, stress relief and wellness, and more. Each podcast episode is broken out this way:

• News item of the week from the world of diabetes, followed by listener comments. (5 minutes)

• Theme of the week, with an in-depth interview on a topical issue with a diabetic specialist nurse. (10 minutes)

• Taking Care of Yourself, a lesson related to the physical and psychological well-being of nurses. This segment delivers practical tips proposed by experts or by nurses through testimonials. Nutrition, motivation, concentration, breathing, and physical exercises are covered. (4 minutes)

• Nurses’ Voices (3 minutes). Stories, initiatives, messages, and questions from listeners. (3 minutes)

In its press release, AIM Group notes that myRadio Nurse is just the first offering from what will be a multi-channel project to communicate and converse with diabetes specialist nurses.


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