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How College Interns Can Make Your Job Easier

Medical-marketing agencies have well-established processes for hiring and developing productive interns. Here’s what you could learn from them.

Do you ever wish that you had someone on your team who could do some of the smaller but time-consuming tasks you need done for your next event—such as calling various photography companies to price out their services for the gala dinner? Well, with some preparation, you could have someone like that on your staff for a few months each year.

In this article from MM+M (formerly Medical Marketing & Media), medical-communications agency managers discuss how they promote their summer-internship positions; screen potential interns for their industry knowledge, skills, and work ethic; and give them assignments that provide value to both the organization and an intern’s development.

In fact, with a good process in place, an event-planning department just might find its next full-time hire. Some proof: IPG Health brought in 69 marketing interns for summer 2021, then hired 34 of them as full-time employees within a year.

One caveat: Almost all the programs at medical-commmunications agencies pay their interns. But if your event-planning department can find a bit of money to compensate even a single intern for three months, think of the productivity benefits for the rest of your staff—and for you, too.

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