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Event-Management Platform Streamlines HCP Compliance Tasks

Groupize launches a new module that integrates with the MedProID and SAP Concur products for greater transparency.

In early May, meeting-management platform Groupize launched HCP Digital Sign-In, a module that complements the platform’s speaker bureau, travel, and logistics-management modules aimed at the life-sciences industry. The new module helps pharmaceutical and medical-device field reps maintain compliance with the federal Open Payments (Sunshine) Act as they engage with healthcare professionals across a range of event types, including office visits, speaking engagements, dinner meetings, clinical trials, and large conferences.

Since 2014, life-science manufacturers have had to capture and report transfers of value to U.S. physicians and teaching hospitals under Open Payments. With the law’s expansion in 2021 to include non-physician practitioners, there is a notably larger volume of interactions that must be reported.

The HCP Digital Sign-In module works across phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, making it easy for sales reps to obtain electronic signatures and validate HCPs in real time. Coupled with its SAP Concur expense-import feature, HCP Digital Sign-In streamlines the expense-management process.

To support real-time validation of HCP credentials through the event sign-up portal, Groupize has expanded its partnership with MedPro Systems, a provider of commercial and compliance solutions for life-science firms. The MedProID database enables HCP data capture at the point of engagement for all federal and state aggregate-spend reporting requirements. Users can then track attendance data and no-shows. Groupize and MedPro integrate with SAP Concur for end-to-end management of HCP event-expense capture and reporting.

Key event-related features of the HCP Digital Sign-In module include QR code check-in; tracking of check-ins, walk-ins, and meal opt-outs; digital sign-in with e-signature capture; and HCP identification through real-time searching of the MedProID license-validation database.

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