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With Dinner Meetings Out, Can Podcasts Move In?

Capturing the attention of HCPs is still possible without in-person gatherings.

When pharmaceutical and medical-device companies host physicians at meal events, the goal is to command their undivided attention in order to educate them. But what if there was a way to deliver that education effectively even while the physicians are in the middle of doing something else? Well, there is: The podcast.

A recent article from MM&M (formerly Medical Marketing & Media) cites a study by BBC Global News that found that because 94 percent of a podcast audience is doing something tedious or rote while listening, such as household chores (61 percent) or driving (55 percent), respondents say they are strongly engaged with the content.

What’s more, podcasting offers organizations a chance to flesh out longer and more-complex stories that involve multiple sources, personal anecdotes, and spirited discussions—elements not right for presentations during meal events yet “not something that can be fully captured in a short video clip or sound bite,” says Dr. Yasmeen Agosti, global medical lead, viral vaccines at Pfizer and host of the company’s acclaimed The Antigen podcast.

Companies, associations, and societies that use podcasts in this unusual time just might find greater physician interest in their in-person events when normal business conditions resume—and a loyal listening audience for the long term.

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