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On the show floor at the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society's 2023 annual meeting, an Informa Markets event.

5 Head-Turning Activations for the Show Floor

These ideas can work for pharma and device exhibitors, sponsors, or other organizations seeking to grab and hold the attention of healthcare professionals at conferences and exhibitions.

With so many educational sessions and poster presentations at the typical medical conference, it is surely a challenge to get healthcare professionals to walk the trade-show floor for any length of timeā€”and even more of a challenge to get them to stop in to a given exhibit booth to seek detailed information.

To make the most of the time that HCPs spend in the exhibit hall, this article from American Meetings Inc., an agency specializing in the life-science field, presents five compelling exhibit-space activations. These ideas take into consideration the typical behaviors and preferences of physicians, nurses, and other HCPs as they move through medical conferences and exhibitions.

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