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Air Events Global

New Employment Resource for Events Launches in Victoria, Australia

The Air Events Global platform enables meeting and events planners to hire and pay freelancers online.

The newest solution for event staffing launched this spring in Australia. The female-founded Air Events Global employment platform aims to match freelance event professionals with meeting planners looking for event staff, whether they need an experienced event coordinator for a conference or wait staff for a reception.

Founder and CEO Victoria Garlick had a light bulb moment about the need for the platform when she was talking to event management students juggling school and work. They were finding it hard to hold down a regular schedule at a restaurant but wanted to stay in the events and hospitality industry for the experience and contacts. She says, “Event students were frustrated with not being able to source casual event and hospitality work, and clients were keen to hire only when they needed it, for example at seasonal events.” Garlick decided to create an online marketplace to connect freelancers with jobs.

So far the main employers on the site have been corporate events looking for registration, booth set-up, and reception staff. The site posts jobs for international clients, not just in Australia, and some freelancers have taken advantage of this while traveling to boost their income while seeing the world. As well as students, clients include professionals such as photographers, emcees, and hair and makeup specialists. Meeting and event planners can also hire social influencers through the site to help promote the event beforehand on social media and tweet/post during the event to keep attendees informed and excited. Social influencers available through Air Events Global must have 3,000-plus followers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Air Events Global has a secure payment system so that employees can deposit funds for workers before an event and employees can be paid once the work is done, eliminating the need for employers to plan for cash payments onsite. Freelancers, who pay a15 percent commission to Air Events Global, are guaranteed payment on time. There is no cost to list a job and employers set their own hourly rate. Like other market platforms in the sharing economy, members can leave reviews for workers and companies.


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