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What’s a Time Multiplier?

You might have an eye for detail, a knack for negotiations, and experience to spare, but meeting planning will eat anyone alive who can’t manage their time effectively.

With various projects and stakeholders to handle, planners need to be strategic about how they use their time. You might be a master of BEOs, write engaging attendee communications, and work the Cvent system with your eyes closed—but if you can’t prioritize your responsibilities and juggle concurrent tasks efficiently, things get ugly quickly.

In fact, time management is a matter of job security, which is why an article from Fast Company on the “time multiplier” concept caught our eye. The author describes a time multiplier as “a strategy or tool that creates more free time for you in the future. It’s the time-management equivalent of sharpening your axe.” And while there are plenty of time-management strategies out there, this article considers improving on one of the most basic: prioritizing the items on your to-do list.

Read about four questions you should consider for every item on your list—can you eliminate it, automate it, delegate it, or ignore it?—and how they can make a powerful difference in the way you use your time.

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