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Test Your Jeopardy! Smarts

The “Amodio Rodeo” is over. Is it a meeting professional’s turn to take home the Jeopardy! title now that Matt Amodio’s 38-game winning streak on the popular game show has come to an end?

You may not know everything about everything like the champs do, but what if questions focused on the minutia in a meeting pro's wheelhouse? Here are 20 questions that have actually been asked on Jeopardy! episodes over its 38 seasons that are focused on venues, events, airlines, and other travel-industry topics.

A shout out to the show’s fans who keep the J! Archive up to date with the more than 424,000 questions that have been asked since the show premiered in 1984.

Have fun, and don’t forget that your responses must be in the form of a question!

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