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She Means Business Conference to Debut Before IMEX Frankfurt

Inspirational speakers include business women, a fighter pilot, and an astronaut instructor.

A new conference aimed at women’s empowerment will debut during EduMonday, the day before IMEX Frankfurt 2018.  She Means Business, a half-day event on May 14th at the Kap Europa conference center in Frankfurt, will highlight topics from increasing the numbers of women in leadership roles to eliminating the gender pay gap, and include presentations from female speakers currently succeeding in science, finance, and industry; a panel discussion; and networking opportunities.

Speakers include Karin Nordmeyer, chairwoman of the United Nations National Committee for Women, Germany; Dr. Mara Harvey, founder of UBS Unique, Germany; Major Nicola Baumann, Eurofighter pilot; and Laura Winterling, a former astronaut instructor and CEO of Space Time Concepts GmbH.

Winterling will deliver the keynote address on the need for women to challenge themselves and not be afraid of failure.

A roundtable panel discussion moderated by Sheriff Karamat, CEO of PCMA, on “Women in the meetings industry—on eye level with men?” will focus on how a commitment to diversity and equality can bring positive change to the industry.
Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX Group, called She Means Business “a turning point.” She said, “The next step now is to decide how to move forward, and She Means Business will provide a platform for forward-thinking women—and men—to come together and take action.”









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