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A Planner’s Guide to Holiday Movies

From Die Hard to White Christmas, a planner protagonist would have dealt with these plotlines on time, under budget, and (probably) with fewer explosions.

Movies are almost as much a part of our holiday traditions as food. It’s a Wonderful Life has such a strong association with Christmas it is shown in independent movie theaters like New York’s IFC Center, and cinema chains such as Bow Tie, 73 years after it was made.

This time of year should really be for relaxing, but planners sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate to veg out in front of a film can absorb some lessons without too much effort. Or pat themselves on the back for avoiding some of the planner pitfalls exposed in the plot.

Here is MeetingsNet’s guide to meeting planning and the movies. We can’t offer any clock hours for certification, but we think you’ll find some fun or inspiration instead.

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