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Mindful Monday, Week 2: Examine Your Beliefs

This week’s lesson and two-minute daily practice will help you reflect on how your beliefs affect your life and work.

MeetingsNet has partnered with mindfulness leadership expert Holly Duckworth, CMP, CAE, to bring you seven weeks of Mindful Monday mini-messages and two-minute practices to help planners bring more mindfulness to their work and lives.
Week 2: Examine Your Beliefs
Reading our Mindful Monday mini-lessons will help you become more mindful, but to really make it sink in, you have to practice. This may be easier to do some days than others. How did you do with centering last week? Drop me an email and let me know—[email protected]

If mindlessness is being asleep at the wheel of life, mindfulness is becoming more awake and aware of your beliefs—as media mogul Oprah Winfrey says, “What I know for sure.” What do you know for sure? 

Your mindful practice for today is to push away from your desk for just two to five minutes—yes, you can set your phone timer.

Use that time to ask your inner self what is it you believe about the way you are running your life. What is it you believe about the way you are running your meetings? 

Don’t panic! You don’t have to tell anyone, and there are no right or wrong answers. What you believe tends to be what manifests in your life. If you believe life is a challenge, you get more challenges. If you believe it’s supportive and easy, you get more ease. 

This week, spend those few minutes a day thinking about what you want to believe about an experience you are having. Feel in your body what you want to believe. Your feelings are your power center.  Believe in the power of you!

Download your Mindful Meeting Professional mini-poster with all seven practices at (Free registration required.) 

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