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How Not to Nap: 6 Tips for Staying Awake in Meetings

Here’s how to schedule your snoozes at convenient times, and some advice on keeping meeting attendees alert and participating.

What do U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg have in common? Apparently, both have been caught napping in meetings. While age may be a bigger factor in these cases than the quality of the meetings, the BBC has some tips that meeting professionals can use for both planning, and staying awake in, meetings.

Some experts think that the subject matter of a meeting should dictate the time it is held; for example, creative discussions and brainstorming work better in the afternoon. Then again, others suggest that a clear agenda, inviting only attendees who absolutely need to give input, or walking while meeting are the way to go.

While closing your eyes during a meeting is inadvisable for a number of reasons—not least that your colleagues will notice—napping at work has been shown to have some benefits. These napping tips can help meeting planners stay fresh, from an early morning breakfast meeting to late-night networking events.

Sweet dreams!

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