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Happy Halloween! Take a Day to Think About Ghouls, Not Guests

Planning nightmares don’t have to be so grave, we have some anxiety-alleviating strategies.

Let’s be honest, after news stories this year about Boeing 737 Max airplanes, hurricanes and wildfires in meeting destinations, hotels under construction collapsing, and the increasing pressure on meeting planners to provide the perfect sustainable event with more food, more engagement, more technology, in fact, more of everything except money, Halloween is probably going to be the least frightening event of 2019.

Halloween began as a Celtic festival to ward off ghosts and became All Hallow’s Eve when November 1 became an official celebration of every saint. In an effort to allay some meeting-planning anxieties so you can enjoy the bumps in the night instead of worrying about bumps in the road, we’ve put together some recent worst-case-scenarios and their fixes. We hope you enjoy our gallery of meeting planner horrors, oh, and fingers crossed you get lots of candy!

Remember, you are not alone.

(Though you may think you are…mwa ha ha ha!)

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