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SongDivision rocking out to the 2018 GMID anthem

Calling All Headbangers: Are You Ready to Rock GMID?

SongDivision wants to see how you rock out to the new, heavy-metal version of the Global Meetings Industry Day anthem.

Seeing the SongDivision guys at the 2018 Pharma Forum, which wrapped up Wednesday at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, reminded me of their head-banging heavy-metal redo of the anthem they crowdsourced last year for the Global Meetings Industry Day celebrations, which this year will be on April 12. (They also crowdsourced a super-cool anthem for this year’s Pharma Forum—stay tuned for a shaky iPhone video of it to come to a writeup near you soon.)

Since these guys like to crowdsource everything, they’re also looking to all of you to send in some short video clips of meeting and hospitality pros rocking out to the anthem, which they’ll put together into a highlights reel and make available for people to play at their April 12 GMID celebrations around the world. (Details here. Send clips to [email protected])

If you can’t get a video done by the March 31 deadline, don’t worry! They’ll be putting together what I’m sure will be an even more fun video compilation of people rocking out at the actual celebrations, so bring your smartphone and get dancy at your local gathering, because, you know, as the song says, “Life is always brighter when we’re meeting face to face.”

You can download the anthem and lyrics here. Now pardon me while I go gather my staff, which consists of one Australian shepherd, and bust a few moves to send in.

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