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Silk ballgown
Try getting this in your carry on!

Pack Up Your Troubles with Hotel-Based Clothing Options

Clothing rental companies can ease packing headaches with options from black tie to workout gear.

Packing for a trip has never been particularly easy but these days a number of factors are combining to make it even harder. Baggage restrictions make checked luggage expensive, but even if the cost doesn’t dissuade you, it is disheartening to speed through security with your Global Entry pass and then stand around for 45 minutes waiting for your suitcase to arrive at the carousel. Long distance travel often means needing winter clothes in one place and shorts in another. And how annoying is it to need a business suit for one day of meetings on an otherwise casual trip?

Prompted by Millennials’ comfort with the sharing economy, more and more businesses are recognizing this travel frustration and employing strategies to ease the problem.

If you just need one outfit for a fancy event and can’t squeeze a gown into your luggage, American fashion and technology company Rent the Runway will ship an outfit to your hotel.

For events is in the United Kingdom or certain cities in Europe, Girl Meets Dress and Chic By Choice offer the same service for both high-end and mid-market outfits.

Some people see travel as an opportunity to upgrade their wardrobes with local pieces, others might want to permanently replace a forgotten or stained item at the last minute. Last year European fashion brand Pimkie introduced clothing mini bars in some boutique hotels in Antwerp and Brussels, Belgium; Paris, and Milan. An item of clothing can be taken from the “mini bar” closet and added to the hotel bill. Wrong size? The hotel concierge will have a different size delivered.

If you don’t want to leave the fit to chance, the Virgin Hotel Chicago will pick up your online order from the Gap and leave it in your room.

Want to work out during your stay but don’t have room for sneakers and workout gear? Westin hotels will help you pack light but still stay in shape with $5 per day workout clothes and sneakers rental. It’s a new take on walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.


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