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Chart: The Longest Security Line Waits at U.S. Airports

The eight airports most likely to ruin your day with a huge line at the TSA checkpoint.

There’s nothing like a glacially slow airport security checkpoint to get your attendees thinking about finally signing up for the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck program (or gloating that they already have).

If you’re meeting in a destination with an airport that has notoriously sluggish security lines, consider giving attendees a heads up about likely wait times (below, courtesy of Statista) and let them know about the TSA program, which added five carriers this month: Austrian Airlines, Interjet, PAL Express, Swoop, and VivaAerobus. Travelers flying on 73 airlines at 200 airports can now use PreCheck. The program costs $85 for a five-year membership, and TSA claims that in July 2019 93 percent of PreCheck passengers waited in line for five minutes or less.

 The Longest Waits At U.S. Airports | Statista

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