YouTube and your meeting?

After all the commotion about the CNN/YouTube Democratic debate held recently, I can't help but wonder if anyone is planning to use this type of format for their meeting, particularly association meetings. Imagine a bunch of questions from members being aired—say, at a panel, or a keynote—and being answered from the stage. Much more dynamic, not to mention easier to view than craning your neck to see who walked up to a mike in the aisle.

While most associations' members probably wouldn't upload a ton of videos to choose from, you could have someone with a camera roving the halls, or designate an area where people can come and tape their questions or comments. Your staff could easily upload them to YouTube. You could also do a talent contest that way and have people vote with automated response systems at general sessions...the possibilities are endless, really. And it'd be a good way to get those who couldn't make the conference involved.

It could, as it did for the Democratic debate, breathe some fresh air into something that historically is a little canned and stuffy. I'd love to see this done!

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