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Just wanted to let you know that our main site, MeetingsNet.com, now invites you to comment on articles. You do have to register (just takes a second, we don't ask a lot of questions), but then you can tell us what you think and, on the off chance we didn't think to interview you on a topic you know much about, share your knowledge with others.

I love that we're (finally) doing this, and hope you aren't shy about sharing your opinions!

As an example, one person who also has a lot of experience in the business read this article on Susan Sarfati's leaving ASAE and The Center to join The American Bureau Program and commented, "I would love to head or join a special membership or delegation of retired and/or semi-retired sales and marketing individuals. It is a shame that after all the years in the industry, heading up several 5 star hotels and resort, being a past HSAMI board member, that my talents and experienced can't be used to assist those younger and inexperienced members."

What a great idea. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? If not, is anyone willing to take this idea and run with it? It's too good not to make it a reality, if it isn't already.

I look forward to hearing more from you, both here and on MeetingsNet.

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