You know you're getting old when...

Guy Kawasaki asked people to add to his short "You know you're getting old when..." list, and boy did they! I know this has nothing to do with meetings, but check out the comments for some hilarious suggestions. Just a few of my favorites:

    I know I am getting old when people compliment my new alligator shoes and I am BAREFOOT.

    You can neither sit down nor bend over without making some kind of noise.

    You remember when people picked out television sets in part based on how the wooden cabinet would go with the other furniture in the living room.

    Well today is MY 61st birthday and I know I'm old when I say that it doesn't mean anything and I know that for the first time in my life I'm lying.

    Your parents stop worrying about you, but you start worrying about your parents!

    You stop making fun of ED commercials and start paying attention to them.

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