You know you're flying too much when...

How do you know when you're flying too much? For me, it's when I start salivating at the thought of salt-free, low-fat pretzels, or when I start singing along to the airport Muzak, or when I bring my own stash of Zip-Lock Baggies to hand out to people in line who didn't know about the goo rules and will back up the security line (who are these people, anyway? How can anyone not have heard about it by now?).

Or when I start saying the Southwest flight attendant's funny routine along with him. Or when I find myself caring deeply about what movie is being shown, or, horror of horrors, when I look around for a last-minute read in the airport bookstore and found I have already read every single book they have for sale, save the gorky self-help tomes (this actually has happened to me). OK, I'll stop now, but I could go on and on and on...

Thanks, I think, to Jeff De Cagna, who posted his list on ASAE's Acronym blog.

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