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Yet another meetings-related blogger

This time it's Let's Talk Trade Shows, written by Joyce McKee. It looks like she's been blogging since December, and I'm just now hearing about it (shame on me!). Anyway, lots of good trade show items on there. Among her recent entries:

How to Thrive – Not Just Survive – This Economy with Brilliant Marketing (who could resist that headline?), about how to download a special report on the topic that got a rave review from at least one reader so far.

‘Marketing During a Downturn’? Let The Numbers Do The Fighting For You…

and lots of other good nuggets about marketing in today's most interesting environment. Not only is the info good so far, but she's a dog lover like me! Another blog to add to my RSS reader.

P.S. New folks are great, but I still miss Rich and his TSMI Trade Show Marketing blog like crazy.

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