Xtreme theme overdose alert!

Maybe it's just because I really, really dislike the ASAE Xtreme theme, but a press release I just got screamed "theme overdose" to me:

    Playing upon the theme of this year’s meeting, “Association Performance to the Xtreme,” the categories of items up for bid [in the association's online auction]- “Xcellent Xposure,” “Xcetera,” “Xciting Getaways,” “Xhilarating Speakers,” “Xpanding Connections,” “Xtraordinary Items,” “Xtravagant Xcursions” and “Xtreme Meetings” - live up to their titles.

Ack, ick, and yuck. I used to be a big fan of carrying a theme through every aspect of a meeting, but this is making me reconsider. And a little nauseous, too. Xcetera? That's just Xcrutiating.

(They do have some great stuff up for auction, though, if you're not as X-averse as I am.)

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