Oh no, not another one--first PCMA with its Meeting Xperiment (where attendees send in ideas they'd like to see happen at the PCMA conference, and PCMA puts them into action during special "Xperimental" sessions). Now ASAE has launched its 2005 show blog as XtremeASAE Blog.

Bleh. Sorry, but that "X" thing is really old these days. Hip it is not. At least they didn't go with a spiral logo for it (link via Seth Godin).

Anyway, I'll stop squabbling about names, because substance is what it's all about, and the ASAE blog should be a good one. They're already linking to their IntroNetworks social networking tool, which I hope to be able to use even though I'm not attending this year (dream on, Sue!). Their blog comes with a Bloglet daily e-mail alert option, an RSS feed, and they're even asking their presenters to put asae2005 tags on del.icio.us. So they're doing all kinds of things that really are sort of extreme, for an association, anyway. But the name? Sorry, I'd put a big X through it and come up with something as fresh as what they're doing.

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