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Would you hire this guy?

"Motivational speaker Michael Levy believes folks can enjoy even the stormiest hurricane by simply changing their mental state of mind," according to this article, entitled "Motivational Speaker Turning 'Hurri-can'ts' Into 'Hurri-cans.'"

Um, OK. Somehow, I don't think the folks in Florida, the Caribbean, and much of the Southeastern U.S. would find it uplifting to sit out the recent hurricanes "listening to upbeat music or reading joke books"--especially hard to do with no power.

I know there's nothing funny in the hurricane-caused death and destruction Ivan, Frances, Charley, and Jeanne wreaked. But for those who escaped the storms, this little known recent Swedish weather incident serves as a reminder not to feel too smug and secure: This could happen to you!

And for those who made it through the hurricanes intact, here's a cartoon I'm sure you can relate to. (Thanks to the MIMlist for pointing this one out.)

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