Women are a better meeting bargain than men

At least in the U.K., it sounds like men could save their organizations some money by emulating their female colleagues in their meeting-going habits, according to a Net4Now article on research from BT Conferencing. Men travel further (64 percent go abroad, compared to 29 percent of women who go outside the U.K.), and 84 percent of the guys stayed in hotels at least once, while only 57 percent of the women do. Well, I guess that goes along with the travel abroad thing—if the women are mostly staying close to home, they're probably just day meetings that don't require a hotel stay, right?

Oh but wait, the women also are smaller spenders because they use audio and web conferencing more, and so incur fewer travel expenses. Ah ha, and the company that did the survey is a meeting tech company, so of course, spending less is good when it's related to using the technology instead of face-to-face meetings that require travel. And alternate forms of conferencing are great for a lot of situations. But if I were getting all the webinars while my male colleagues were going to meetings in Paris, hmm.

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