WM&A, Mediworld USA, Healthways, and GAME team up for Katrina guides

Some interesting stuff in the latest issue of WentzMiller and Associates' WM&A Global CME e-newsletter. First up:

    WentzMiller has joined forces with Mediworld USA, Healthways and the Global Alliance for Medical Education to publish more than 1 million guides to prevent infection from contamination for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. State Health Departments in Lousiana, Mississippi and Alabama will distribute these to doctors, paramedics and the general public We need your (tax deductible) contribution. Send check made out to GAME to Fred Clarke, Dowden Health Media, 110 Summit Ave., Montvale NJ 07645. Thanks!

There's also some interesting items on mandatory CME from the German and Swedish perspectives, the growing pressure to measure CME performance in the U.S., and the changing CME rules in Italy, to name just a few. The current issue isn't up on their Web site yet, but check back often. Or sign up--it's a great resource, especially for those interesting in international CME issues.

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