Wisconsin Tourism decides to change its acronym

And, I may say, rightly so. See WTF? Wisconsin Tourism Federation changes name after internet jokes.

The body charged with attracting more visitors to the midwestern state will now be known as the Tourism Federation of Wisconsin (TFW), in an attempt to put a stop to the jokes.

It seems that the federation was unaware of – or unconcerned by – the modern meaning of WTF until its acronym featured on a blog that compiles unfortunate corporate logos earlier this year.

(I'd provide the link, but the one in the article went nowhere and a quick Google got me nowhere.)

In case you haven't thought about it, it might be time to check to make sure you're not inadvertently saying something you'd rather not be with your acronym (and don't forget to look at it from all angles. I think MM (for Medical Meetings) is pretty innocuous, thankfully.

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