Why You Should Be Passionate About Your Job

Why You Should Be Passionate About Your Job

Planning meetings may be stressful, and it may entail you doing and enduring things you hate as well as love, but few would argue that it's boring. Which, it turns out, is a really good thing.

While you can't actually be bored to death, people in a study who self-reported working a boring job ended up decades later more likely to die, often from cardiovascular-related reasons. Yikes! And being bored also can make you take on more risky behaviors.

So be glad that you are passionate about what you do, and that the boring moments are few and far between (I sincerely hope).

But that doesn't mean that you need to jam your meeting agenda so full that no one has a single moment to get bored. In fact, we needed a little white space, a little down time, even a touch of boredom, to get to those creative pauses where we let ourĀ  minds drift in new directions and make new, often weird connections between disparate data that had been floating around meaninglessly, resulting in something new and cool.

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