Why CEIR got $1 million from the WSA

I was talking with some folks yesterday about the Center for Exhibition Industry Research's $1 million windfall, and they were wondering what was behind the largess. Thanks to my colleague Dave Kovaleski, here's what was behind the World Shoe Association's big gift (from a press release):

    The funding for the six organizations was made possible as a result of WSA's decision to sell its assets to WSA Global Holdings, LLC, a new, privately held company under CEO Skip Farber who, along with COO Diane Stone, has directed WSA's efforts for the past three years.

    In its history, WSA, founded in 1947, has operated as both a for-profit and nonprofit organization. WSA's distributions of assets are consistent with the requirements of tax-exempt entities. Once these distributions have been completed in the near future, the nonprofit organization will dissolve.

And CEIR got one of the smallest grants: Other recipients include Soles4Souls of Nashville, Tenn., $20.3 million; World Shoe Travelers Association, Columbia, Md., $5 million; Two Ten Footwear Foundation, Waltham, Mass., $5 million; National Shoe Retailers Association, Columbia, Md., $4 million; WSA Trust for distribution to fashion and footwear design institution programs, $2.35 million; and Operation Bootstrap, Tubac, Ariz., $350,000. Worthy causes, all, from what I've read about them.

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