Why aren’t people more like fish and other random thoughts from Sea-Tac

Having too much time sitting around an airport can be a dangerous thing. It makes me ponder things I never normally would think about, such as:

You know when you’re swimming and run into a school of fish, how they all sense your presence and turn as one entity to get out of your way? Well, walking around the airport this morning as it gets more and more crowded, the school of people seems to move along in relative harmony. Until, as happens regularly, someone stops dead with no warning, or takes a sharp left. We don’t sense it and move around them. Oh no. There is a whole chain reaction of near collisions and “excuse me”s and dirty looks and rolled eyes. Once upon a millennium, we must have had that “avoid the obstacle” instinct. Where did it go?

Why is it that a Scottie pin I would normally never buy for my Scottie-obsessed friend is just so darned cute when it costs $10 more at the airport? I never impulse buy except at airports, where I can’t resist. Hence the recent purchase of “designated driver” coasters that I just had to have (I have to upload a picture of these. I love them for some bizarre, likely airport-crazed reason).

One of the best feelings I’ve gotten in a while I got this morning when, after purchasing a decaf skinny latte grande with one of my Starbucks gift cards (thank you, Hawaii!), I had another gift card left over along with some bucks left on the first one. So I gave them to the woman behind me in line. You’d swear she won the lottery, she was so excited about it. But her excitement was a way bigger gift to me than that free-to-me $6 or so was to her. So thanks, unknown lady in line!

Where did all the Wifi go? I could have sworn Seattle was supposed to have one of the best WiFi-enabled airports, but I can’t find a hotspot to save my life. And, not being able to go online, I can’t look up where they’re supposed to be on that Web site that lists airport WiFi hotspots. I can’t even lookup where that Web site might be without WiFi. Oh the irony. I guess I could pay the $5 bucks or whatever to use the Internet-enabled computer the aiport so kindly offers, but it’s a matter of principle…

Never give a writer too much downtime in an airport, or you’ll end up getting inundated with dumb posts like this one!

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