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Why are RFPs such an issue?

Another good post I gleaned from the Acronym blog as I struggle to start to catch up on my RSS feeds: The Un-RFP: A Follow-up.

This reminds me of a very interesting discussion going on at the MeCo listserv that started out being about what's most important to have in an RFP and morphed into why people aren't using/don't like online RFPs. Is social media something that could be used in the RFP process? Is there a way to make online RFPs more usable/user-friendly? Why won't hotels just tell you that they don't want your business because it doesn't fit their model, instead of just saying they don't have availability? How would you improve the RFP process if you were king/queen of the meeting world?

Just curious. This is such an ongoing problem area that it's hard to believe that it hasn't been resolved yet. I know the APEX RPF panel has come up with some templates, but from the MeCo discussion, it doesn't sound like we've quite gotten there yet.

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