Who will be the next survivor?

Food for thought from this week's Society for Hospitality Management's training bulletin:

"Times are changing. Success is no longer as simple as a solid bottom line. While profits are still critical to an organization's survival, the ways to achieve them are not so straightforward. Consumers expect superior quality and friendly service. Employees expect employers to value them, pay them well, and provide meaning in their work. Communities expect the businesses that line their streets to contribute time, effort, and money to their improvement. Fulfilling these expectations and turning a profit is no easy task. Even if an organization finds ways to please each group, it must be quick enough to respond to changes in technology and smart enough to anticipate new directions in the marketplace. The saying "You snooze, you lose," has become the rule of the day. Those companies that are too slow or too cautious to adapt do not survive. It is the organization that runs on passion that inspires its employees and invigorates its customers that prevails."

All I can say is "amen to that!"

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