Who moved my cheese, and other mini bar horror stories

It's bad enough that just picking up a can of Coke in mini bar will trigger a charge, even if you put it back, in many hotels nowadays. But now, some hotels are putting trays of snacks on top of the mini bar, and charging if anything gets moved (they can tell because of a sensor attached to a scale in the tray). Even if there's a note explaining the fees nearby, I know I'd either knock the tray over, or pick something up, or do something to trigger a charge that I'd have to argue away later. For a fun discussion on this, visit this post on Gizmodo. My favorite comment was this one:

    I think it would be poetic justice to get a $2000 a night room and prepay it with nothing but restocking items for the minibar. You could get 334 cans of $6 soda and stack them in a pyramid in the center of the room. Better yet, pile them on top of the pressure sensitive tray and call down to tell them that your bill has been settled. Before doing so make sure to call the credit card company and tell them to cancel your card because it was stolen...

Thanks to the MiForum listserv for the pointer.

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