Where to get fit on the road

The staff at the Athletic Minded Traveler has released its list of the best hotel gyms in the U.S. this year (funny that they call them gyms—I thought they were almost always called fitness centers these days). I love the snarky writing, too:

    On very rare occasions we stumble upon a hotel gym that rattles our sweat-craving souls and excites our aerobically fit tickers the moment we walk in. Finding one of these treasures is our “kid in the candy store” moment. And the only action that delights us more than uncovering one of these exercise utopias is relaying the discovery to our fellow athletic-minded travelers.

Anyway, check out their list here if the fitness center is a big deal to your attendees. I can vouch for at least a few of these in areas other than their sweat factories, too, but that's another story!

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