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When in Vegas, don’t go with your gut feelings

Casinos in Las Vegas now can relate to how cruiselines feel when the media plays up a shipboard illness. According to this article from The Miami Herald, nasty gastro-intestinal illnesses have jumped ship and now are plaguing the Strip.

According to the article, one casino had an outbreak big enough to catch the eye of the Centers for Disease Control—1,660 complaints over a four-month period. The CDC told the venue, the California Hotel and Casino, to make sure its dice, chips, and coins were ship-shape in terms of sanitization practices, since these much-handled items usually spread these viruses.

But why wait until you have a problem? I’d say it would be good practice to make sure all items that are handled by many people—from bathroom doors to in-room remote controls—should be sanitized regularly. And it also wouldn’t hurt to remind both employees and guests to wash their hands regularly, just like Mom always told us to.


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