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When is a meeting like Velcro?

When it's done well, according to this post on a blog called "The Big Picture: Meetings Should Make a Difference," which I fell in love with on just the name alone. Blogger Martha McGinnis writes about how to make your meeting "sticky," and it's not by handing out Gummi Bears. A snip:

    Stickiness isn’t an accident, and it’s not a function of content, although poor content will quickly negate it. It’s in the DESIGN, the LOOK, the FEEL of a website, and it’s the same with meetings. Is your meeting effective at attracting people to what’s most important? Does it draw them deeper, invite further action or commitment? When they follow through, are they acknowledged, rewarded, “fed”?

Do read it. I'm going to head back over there now and see what other brilliant things she has to say. It looks like the blog was only active for a couple of months, but you can say a lot of good stuff in a couple of months...

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