What's in your wallet?

Less than you might think, if you're a business traveler, that is. According to hotel-online: Audit of Hotel Invoices Turns up Overcharges that

May Add up to Millions for Business Travelers

. Better warn attendees to check their bills:

    Corporate Lodging audited a year's worth of receipts from one of its biggest clients, 624,606 room nights in all. The company found that its client was mischarged -- both higher and lower than the negotiated rate -- 11.6 percent of the time. The average error was in the hotel's favor by $11.35, tallying almost $820,000 a year in excess travel costs.

    If the rest of Corporate America is seeing the same amount of glitches, U.S. companies are giving hotels an extra $500 million a year, the study said.

They're not intentionally trying to rip people off, the article says. These are just mistakes. I believe that, and yet it's a peculiar coincidence that the average error winded up being in the hotel's favor...

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