What's the worst job, ever?

Nothing makes you appreciate your job more than thinking about what you could be doing instead. I was listening to a radio talk show the other day about the worst jobs you can have. One caller talked about scraping and painting a leaky above-ground sewage tank in high summer, which is pretty bad, but most were run-of-the-mill yuck jobs like restaurant dishwasher (mine was a summer spent insulating houses—the fiberglass gets into your skin, itches unbearably, and doesn't come off in the shower. Plus, the things that live in crawlspaces, well, I won't go there. Ever again.) But even my worst job doesn't compare to Guillemot egg-collector, or wattle-and-daub applier, which were not-so-popular jobs even back in Roman times. But someone had to do it.

Thanks to my Capsules co-blogger, Anne Taylor-Vaisey, I stumbled upon The worst jobs in history Web site, which I guarantee will make you not only appreciate your current job, but also your happy coinicidence of being born when you were!

Plus you can take this hilarious Career Guide quiz to find out what kinds of "worst jobs in history" you qualify for.

P.S. If you're curious about all the other strange things I've inflicted on you in the past, or want to revisit a few, check out our Just for fun archives.

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