What's next, escape-a-meeting?

Interesting editorial in today’s New York Times about a new cell phone service from Cingular Wireless called "Escape-a-Date," where you can program your phone to ring at a certain time and it gives you a script to follow so it sounds like you have a legit reason to beg off.

First, let me say I am not a cell person. I did get one to keep in my car after a run-in with a weirdo who threatened me with a baseball bat for clipping the edge of his lawn with one of my tires (yes, life is brutal in the suburbs), but it mostly stays in the glovebox. I can’t stand to see four people sitting down to lunch together, each in cell conversation with someone who isn’t there. But this is, basically, institutionalizing lying. And I can just picture some executive programming his phone to give him an out during a board meeting or some such.

Please, just say no!

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