What's new in Academic Medicine

There are several articles that sound pretty interesting in the table of contents for the January 2005 issue of

Academic Medicine January 2005;80(1): Patient-centered Care

that Anne Taylor-Vaisey sent around earlier today. Here are a few:

Why We Must Teach Evidence-Based Medicine, Michael E. Whitcomb

Teaching the Psychosocial Aspects of Care in the Clinical Setting: Practical Recommendations

David E. Kern, William T. Branch, Jr., Jeffrey L. Jackson, Donald W.

Brady, Mitchell D. Feldman, Wendy Levinson, and Mack Lipkin, Jr.

Bringing Interdisciplinary and Multicultural Team Building to Health Care Education: The Downstate Team-Building Initiative, Joanie Mayer Hope, Daniel Lugassy, Rina Meyer, Freida Jeanty, Stephanie Myers, Sadie Jones, Joann Bradley, Rena Mitchell, and Eva Cramer

Providing Evidence-Based Answers to Complex Clinical Questions: Evaluating the Consistency of Article Selection, S. Trent Rosenbloom, Nunzia Bettinsoli Giuse, Rebecca N. Jerome, and Jennifer U. Blackford

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