What's in a name?

Today must be perception versus reality day. In speaking with someone I very much respect the other day, a comment was made that I'd really appreciate hearing your opinion on.

Does the name of our magazine, Medical Meetings, imply that we're stuck in the past, when meetings were really the only way CME was delivered? Now that meetings are just one of many ways educational content is delivered--and often, other avenues are more appropriate and effective for certain situations and content areas--does our name imply that meetings are all we're about? Do we need a reality check? If so, what name would better reflect our commitment to providing the information you need to achieve excellence in CME in all its varied forms?

Please e-mail me with your comments, or click on "comments" below (to leave an anonymous comment, don't fill in the identifier fields; just post your comments to the content box). I promise we won't be offended--we just want to know what you think about this.

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