What's up in European CME

This post courtesy of Anne Taylor-Vaisey: From the June 2005 issue of Allergy:

Braido F, Popov T, Ansotegui IJ, Gayraud J, Nekam KL, Delgado JL et al. Continuing Medical Education: an international reality. Allergy 2005; 60(6):739-742.

Abstract: We are all aware today of the growing interest in continuing medical education (CME) programmes in many European Countries and it is important to understand why and how CME could become an international reality. It is obvious that patients need a good doctor - the best possible - as far as medical knowledge, attention to the patient's quality of life and cost-control is concerned. All European health care systems have to take into consideration everything that causes patient dissatisfaction, risk management and unjustified expenses. An example is the increase of claims and complaints against doctors and the strong attention of patients to medical procedures. In other words, medicine worldwide is becoming a service industry and has to consider quality and quantity of performances as well as to pay attention to personal responsibility. The object of our work is to evaluate the CME systems present in Europe, to show the work done on CME by the CME Committee of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology and to highlight the Consensus Report on CME approved by an international panel of CME experts.

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